Can I use Only Conditioner everyday?

Yes, you absolutely can! Only Essential Conditioner preserves your natural oils and helps to balance the pH of your skin and scalp to keep the skin from getting too dry or producing too much oil.


Is Only Conditioner color-safe?

It’s color-safe and mild enough to use on your baby’s hair too! PS: It works very well as a facial moisturizer!


What shampoo do I use?

Do you have a shampoo that you love, or one that you have already incorporated into your regime? If so, use that! Our conditioner is meant to be paired with any shampoo that you are currently using, and it will still help seal down the cuticle to produce shiny, vibrant, weightless hair. We also have clients that use the Essential Conditioner as a cleansing conditioner, and skip shampoo altogether. Or, if you like to use baking soda to cleanse your hair, you can use the Essential Conditioner as your pH balancer instead of apple cider vinegar.


Ok, but are you going to have a shampoo soon?

You read my mind, it's in the works. Research and development takes time, especially when our standard for healthy hair ingredients is so high. Stay tuned!


Are there any heat protectants?

No, Only Essential Conditioner does not contain any heat protectants. 


I have really really fine hair, would it weigh my hair down?

Only Essential Conditioner is perfect for fine hair and will not weigh it down. This has actually been one of the most exceptional outcomes. Not only that, it works wonders for extremely coarse and thick hair too! 


Why is there alcohol in the ingredients?

We’re using cetearyl alcohol, a fatty alcohol, that is added for silkiness and will not dry out your hair.