It’s that wonderful time of the year where the seasons start to change and the air gets one degree cooler in Texas, but everyone talks about “feeling” that really cold air (air in the 80s — dare say it 60s!) and starts to pull out the winter coats. 

As anyone with hair longer than shoulder length knows, with the winter coats, collars and scarves come the ever-present tangle of hair at the back of the base of the neck where your hair hits the winter garment. 

Sometimes your hair is just more naturally curly at the base of the neck, I see it more often than knot (I couldn’t resist that one), and curly hair just likes to coil upon itself. 

Also, scarves tend to be made of wool, cotton or other water-wicking materials that can dry out the hair more than usual, leading to dried hair cuticles that act like velcro.

First steps when you have a tangle

  1. Please do not pull at it, unless it fairly gives. If you pull at it and then stretch the hair and physically break hair bonds, these strands will not repair and they will eventually break and tangle more.

  2. Wet brushes will be your friend. These little brushes now come from a variety of companies and they have pliable bristles that won’t snag or cause extra tension in the hair. 

  3. Get about a quarter amount of ONLY Conditioner, place it directly on the tangle, and squeeze the product into the hair. Let this sit for a minute or two.

  4. Spray a little bit of water onto the tangle, work from the bottom of the hair to the top, and start to do little by little to dismantle the tangle. 

  5. If you need a little extra oomph because the hair is very dry or brittle you can add a drop or two (or 10) of jojoba oil into ONLY, because you can easily emulsify oils into the conditioner without it turning greasy. 

Want some other tips about how to make ONLY DIY products? Here are a few that can all be mixed ahead of time to be used when you need them!

DIY heat protectant

1 Tbs ONLY Conditioner

3-5 Drops of Organic Rice Bran Oil

DIY Calming Lotion

1 TBS TAME (coming super soon)

1-2 drops of Lavender EO

1 drop lime EO

1 drop clary sage EO

DIY Energizing Lotion


2 drops grapefruit EO

3 drops peppermint EO

Did you also know that you can mix shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin E and other hair-healthy oils into your ONLY to create almost any product that you see on the shelves for a fraction of the cost? Let me know what you would like to see a DIY version of, and I’ll write the recipe! Have fun creating!