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"I have thin hair but I like it big.... Only made my hair amazingly soft and it did not weigh it down like other conditioners do!! Also, it smells amazing! I can’t wait to make Only a part of my daily routine."

- AMY V. Austin, TX


"Nina's product has left my hair so soft! The first thing I noticed was that it did not stick to the bottle...that says something! That means it won't leave residue on your hair. My hair feels so soft and "airy". I am looking forward to trying more of her products!"

- KerrY R., Georgetown, TX


"LOVE THIS. My hair is usually super dry, so I have a hard time finding a conditioner that I like. I finally got to try this one and I couldn't believe how soft my hair looked and felt! Absolutely love this product!"

- Lauren M,. Oklahoma City, OK


"I have fine oily hair and I used to not even use conditioner on my hair because my hair would get so oily immediately after washing it. I love Only by Nina Fitzgerald because I use it scalp to ends and it makes my hair so soft but doesn’t weigh it down or make it oily. Only allows me to have super shiny, soft hair but still allows me to go days without washing my hair. This conditioner is SERIOUSLY amazing! Oh and it smells so great too!"

- Holly m., AUstin, TX

"I Have had some major dry scalp lately during these winter months. ONLY has literally been the only thing to save me 💜! I love this product so much! ONLY is truly a lifesaver for my scalp, hair and skin as well!!."

- sunday P, denton, TX

“This is seriously amazing! I’ve had flat, boring hair since having children,, and this gave it a little bit of life back! Love it!!”

- shelly E., Houston, TX



"I have very coarse, unruly textured hair that has become worse with color processing and the more grays that grow in. I am a hairstylist and have used countless products. Only is the ONLY product that I have used and seen an immediate benefit after one use. I felt like I was touching someone else's hair! My hair was actually shiny! I am obsessed!! Only is magical and it will be the ONLY product I use as a conditioner for life! Can't wait to declutter my bathroom of all other products! YAY for Only!!!!"

- Kerri B., BUda, TX


"Nina’s products are the best!! I’ll never go back. The conditioner she mixed for me makes my hair color shine after every wash as If the color is brand new again!!"

- TRACY L., Houston, TX


"I’ve been so excited for the product to arrive! It smells amazing, and has revived my hair. My hair has never felt softer! I love that there are minimal ingredients, and can be used for more than just a conditioner. I’m a product junkie, and this is my new favorite! With Only, I’ll just need to use one instead of layering multiple products. Highly recommend. And, with the cute packaging, it also is the perfect gift."

- Megan J., Austin, TX


"I used it for the first time last night and it is FANTASTIC. Smells clean and lovely! I left it on for 7 minutes as a mask after using the Pravana The Perfect Blonde shampoo, which usually dries my hair out. After the conditioner my hair felt soft, silky, and strong, and there’s no extra junk left over on my scalp or in my hair. I’ll be using this for life! It’s a game changer!"

- elizabeth p., Houston, TX

"First off, Only's soft scent is wonderful. Second, I have fine hair, which means when I usually use leave in conditioner, I'm going to have oily hair. Not with this! Also, it is an amazing lotion and just makes my skin so soft."

- christina M, college Station, TX





"Wonderful product! I am a customer for life. My favorite things (in any particular order): 1. Vegan/cruelty free. 2. The smell is heavenly! 3. It gave my hair volume (hallelujah!) 4. It feels healthy and good to use. 5. It didn’t pull any of my pink/purple color out. Bless you, Nina for creating this! My hair wins!"

- EMILY L., Austin, TX


"Since moving to Texas, I've noticed that my hair feels heavier and conditioners seem to weigh it down more. But with Only, I was left with super-soft, light-feeling hair! And I don't have to use a ton of it, so I feel like the bottle will last a while. Seriously the best product I have tried in ages. Love it!!!!!!"

- ASHLEY A. Port Aransas, TX


"I LOVE this conditioner, not only do I use this as a hair conditioner but a body and face lotion too! It made my hair feel super soft and smooth from the first time I used it, and makes my skin feel wilt smooth. I love this product! So happy that Nina has shared this with the world!"

- melanie S., Austin, TX


"I used it for the first time today and loved it! Left it on for 5 minutes to get a deep condition, and even now with my curl creme in my curls don't look weighed down!"

- Anna d., Portland, OR


“I color my hair regularly, and I am one of those people who does not use the recommended dime sized amount of conditioner but a large dollop every time I wash my hair. With Only conditioner, I am able to use the small recommended amount and get soft, shiny hair. I don't even have to condition every time I wash. My hair can now go a couple of shampoos without applying conditioner and still feel incredibly soft.” 

- Lisa s., austin, TX