My Story

Creating ONLY was a journey of necessity: I needed a product that worked for me.

I love trying new products but unfortunately, many products don’t love me back. I am so sensitive that sometimes just smelling a new product leaves me battling extreme congestion in my head and lungs for the rest of the day.

Because of how few products I can use, I started scouring the Internet and wholesale suppliers, desperate to find the right products with the right ingredients that wouldn’t make me break out or wheeze. During this process, I found that I didn’t know what half of the ingredients were, why most of them were there, and that researching each one would take up half my day -- and I’m a professional!

Then it dawned on me: Beauty products may be trending more “clean and non-toxic,” but there are still too many ingredients. Something had to change.

Creating ONLY

I talked to chemical scientists, manufacturers, formulators, large beauty brands and countless clients to understand what they desperately wanted to find in a product that they hadn’t been able to get. Then, through hours and hours of research and discovery, the groundwork and the path for ONLY was formed.

I love to create, especially when it results in making things more functional, simple and useful. As I started working on my formula for ONLY Conditioner, my goal was to make a product that would improve hydration for any hair and skin type -- head to toe, roots to ends -- without adding oils or silicones. Our hair and skin are very durable and highly capable of protecting themselves if we allow them to naturally pH balance -- so why not do that?

Moreover, I knew that I wanted to use fewer ingredients with the highest efficacy -- it had to actually work! That’s why each and every ingredient in your bottle of ONLY has one purpose: healing and maintaining healthy hair and skin.

ONLY Is for Everyone

Because Only Conditioner is lightweight and hypoallergenic, it is safe for everyone, regardless of age or ethnicity, hair or skin type. That means stronger, healthier hair and skin for newborns, hardworking mamas and even end-of-life care -- and a simpler beauty regime for you.

This beauty journey began with a problem: How can I keep my own hair and skin healthy and strong? Now that I’ve created ONLY, a highly effective, extremely multipurpose conditioner, I plan to continue this mission, launching more products with minimal ingredients, maximum quality and countless uses.

I hope you’ll join me. #onlybyninafitzgerald