The first step to success: Listening


One part of allowing myself and my product to be seen is knowing how many lives that I’ve touched or helped. I can’t tell you how many emails, notes, phone calls and messages I’ve received from people that were so tired of their hair not being manageable or their scalp being so dry and flaky that even medicated conditioners couldn’t help. But they finally found relief in ONLY.

So many individuals had been on medicated products for decades (sit with that for a moment, DECADES) and in one to two washes they were on the mend. In short amounts of time, lives were changing. And it was because of very simple changes. I hope that in Year Two, we’re able to help so many more people that are suffering from the same ailments, those that cannot find relief anywhere else. 

I wasn’t doing anything magical, but I was taking the time to change the status quo and listen to what people needed. I found that in almost 95 percent of the cases of dry skin or hair, you really don’t need oil in conditioners or other products to have healthy hair and skin; you just need to be balanced.

Day after day, the main thing I see that’s happening in people’s hair and scalps is that they have waxy build ups from manufactured oils and silicone products (That includes, organic or not, all oils, butters and anything that ends with an -one.) 

Just by taking one ingredient out, I was able to help people balance their scalps and feel relief. I didn’t know the extent to which ONLY Conditioner would make an impact on my clients’ lives, but I’m almost glad that I didn’t, because I was able to slow down, listen and make the right products that were tailored to a group that wasn’t being heard. And of course, that resulted in making quality products that could be used by anyone.

This next year I hope to keep the momentum up by finding new ways to simplify and improve everyday products, to reach as many people as possible and educate them on the products and techniques that will help them when nothing else does.