ONLY for the Littlest Ones


Is there anything softer than a baby’s cheek? Maybe their little squishy toes. Or the downy tufts of hair on their heads.

But here’s the truth: Babies get dandruff, too. It’s called cradle cap, and while It’s common and painless, it doesn’t look or feel great. It’s caused by your baby’s oil glands working overtime, giving their skin a scaly look and feel.

Does your little one have cradle cap? Don’t worry! ONLY Conditioner is gentle enough to use on your kiddo’s hair and skin every day.

Treating Cradle Cap

  1. On their dry scalp, put about a half dollar-size amount of ONLY.

  2. Scrub ONLY into the scalp with a soft bristle brush. 

  3. Wet hair just a little and re-scrub to create a lather. 

  4. Rinse and repeat again, if necessary. 

  5. If a portion of the cradle cap doesn’t want to budge, do not force it off. Re-try again the next day on dry hair and it will naturally loosen from the scalp.